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Legacy you cherished from years, and will bestow upon to generations.

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Eras Of Jewellery Love.

Jewellery has been into our life since the human evolution. From the era of early man civilization to the modern world, Jewellery has always been the best friends of women. It has evolved from bored light or dark hue yet interesting designs to bright glittering customized designs. Jewelleries can be spotted in, from big showrooms to Jewellery online stores.

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Ekah Journey

Shobhika is a Jaipur based Designer and Maker

Brain child Ekah: designs got its creation inception into the market after many years of being into the mind space of Shobhika. After working for 6+ years in the International market ,shobhika felt the urge to set up her own brand. She effortlessly blend fashion and craftmanship. Fusion of jewelry ,emphasis on high quality product and handmade jewelry is an integral reason to achieve originality. She believes to make affordable yet beautiful jewellery which can add some magic to a wearer life. Ekah got its way from paper to display collection with proper planning and dedication and hope one may have as much fun wearing them as much we enjoy creating them.


From one women army, the team grew to many members taking care of the designer jewellery line. More new budding designers were introduced in Ekah to add more glitters to the jewellery. The multiple departments were set up taking the jewellery journey far. Different cultures, cities and countries were explored to introduce the line of new art designer jewellery.

From stemming into the market area, we decided to go from four closed walls to no boundary at all. We are expanding displaying our fine jewellery online. Touching each and every corner of the world and making them feel beautiful is Ekah dream. Exploring every statement piece close to your heart is what Ekah will be made available to jewellery online store.

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The earring I chose is now a part of me. The modern design made me love to wear it daily.

Shivali Mathur

Ekah designs have lived up to my expectations. It has got me compliment on my reception.

Harshita Maliya

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Ekah Designs - by Shobhika

Costume jewellery is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them beautiful.

— Coco Chanel

Trends come and go, and style evolves. It’s important to have pieces of jewelry that are timeless and look chic despite ever-changing fashions.

— Karen Elson

Within each piece, I create an intriguing balance between jewelry and the body, and an intensity which draws others to it.

— Sarah Richardson

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